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NML's NCAA 06 Dynasty


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So I forgot to post some pre-season stuff - shockingly, we came in on the pre-season rankings right at the bottom


D- across the board! Even the normal bump you get from special teams isn't there. We are poo poo

And here's the HEISMAN WATCH


Due to our, possibly harsh, in-season recruiting restrictions, we only had one possible target, and he's not very interested in us...


Oh and here's the box score of our first game




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I don't understand the meaning of the words, but I'm excited. If it runs well I'll do a CSU season.
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I don't understand the meaning of the words, but I'm excited. If it runs well I'll do a CSU season.
I've had no problem getting it to run well at all, especially after I made that change.

The only thing that sucks, is playing a PS2 game with a Xbox/PC controller.


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Here's game numero dos. This was ur classic WHISKEY vs WISKY.


-62 yards rushing on 43 attempts. Should've just taken a knee.

We followed this up with our HOME OPENER against Toledo. Fans were going cray cray for this one, all 4,000 that came out.


We actually had a decent second half - especially that third quarter. It was almost even!!

We stayed at home the following week against Western Michigan - and that's when we shocked the world...




We are now 0-4 and are producing some amazing stats:

Points per game: 1.75
Points allowed per game: 103.5
Average margin of defeat: 101.75


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You ever think about some sliders lol

I do use sliders. I'm using an OS set of Heisman sliders from 06. They work well when the teams are even. Unfortunately, for year one, we are about on par with a D2 school. These kind of losses were expected.


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I won't bore you with seven more blowout screen shots - we went 0-11 and it was never close. At no point, going into the second quarter, did we have a realistic shot at winning the game. By halftime, every game was separated by 38 points or more. We tended to keep it closer in the second half as subs came in, but our closest margin of defeat was 65 points (to Navy). We sucked.

Some good news - our one in-season recruit signed! Like a high school girl with no other options, after calling and visiting him eight times a day, he succumbed and accepted our offer. Having him at 100% of our focus went a long ways.

Against all odds, we also had an All-Independent selection:


Free safety must have been a baron wasteland at the other three schools.

The biggest story-line of the season outside of Boston was Texas Tech and MIKE LEACH. They were 9-0 and on the cusp on the national championship game before dropping their last two and having it slip away. They did finish 1 and 2 in the Heisman voting doe:


Here's a shot of the BCS games - traditional powers Miami and USC were in the final, while Louisville, Rutgers, and Missouri all made their first BCS game in school history. USC would go on to win the title.


Now we head into the off-season. Getting fucking annihilated every game means that my budget is practically zero, so I'll have to go heavy into recruiting to have any chance at landing players. Also hoping for as many non-redshirt transfers as possible.

JSU Zack

How do I IT?
May try to load this over the weekend. gotta figure out how to get the xbone controller working on my MacBook.


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- based on what you were saying, you were having the slow downs before you were recording? Recording almost always gives you those, from what I've read.

- a couple of the "glitches" you mentioned, I've had too. The two especially are the names on jerseys sort of running down, and the load screens. I did have one freeze on a load screen after a game, so my new approach is saving my "state" at the final screen of every game.

- Nessler sounding drunk was cracking me up.

How good is ur PC? I know you play ARMA and that kind of thing, so I can't imagine it's ur system not being good enough. Probably a setting you need to switch.

I can help with rosters too. It's a bit tedious but if you want to play it's a must, to me to me.


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So, heading into the off-season, I knew recruiting was going to be important. I really needed an entire new roster just to compete, so I was hoping to pull in a class of about 22. I also knew that was unlikely since I would have no budget. So my split was 65% recruiting, 10% training, and 25% discipline (I reel e don't want to lose my 6 starzzz). That was a heavy split, but my current team is pure garbage and I need a ton of help.

Before my recruiting budget was set, we received a great transfer request:

RB AJ Brooks

Future star and impact player in 2007. Can redshirt and give us two seasons. Perfect. Now we head into the fun, non random, stuff...

Even with the 65%, I was given a weekly allowance of 24 points. Two fucking four. For reference, scouting a player from out of state costs 6 points. We didn't do any scouting.

I managed to convince seven recruits to join us, against all odds. It was a bit of a miracle. One thing that happens that pisses me off is when ur the only one recruiting these players, and they still don't sign. I guess they give up on their dreams? COULDA PLAYED D1 AND SET SCHOOL RECORDS

Anyways, here's the dudes I brought in, in order of awesomeness:

WR Brian Burks

Brian was our only in-season recruit. He's 6'5", has more than enough speed, and can get up in the air. Yes plz. Issue right now is that I have no one to throw to him. Still, the future is bright for this one - just maybe not until next year.

RB Bruce Rucker

Bruce has speed for days and that will be valuable right away. I'm not sure how I'll handle him once AJ is ready, but for next season he's likely to be a workhorse. I also have my whitey IMPACT back who can spell him and hit up the middle.

SS Josh Barnes

Josh is a great, all around strong safety (relatively speaking). He has adequate speed but is a solid tackler for a young defensive back. He's a penciled in starter for four years.

LE Lawrence Hayes (JUCO)

Lawrence is stepping in and immediately is an impact player. The JUCO transfer is more of an edge rusher than I prefer, but he's just a stop-gap player for two years and he may be our best player right away. Happy to have him.

RE Albert Boyd

Albert isn't a great player, but he fits the mold of what I want from a defensive end. He's bigger and can hold his own, which is important for the long term goal of having my front four handle the run game so everyone else can drop in against the slightly over-powered passing game.

RT Bryan Perry

Perry is basically a warm body who has played the position before - which is seemingly an upgrade over last year's players. He's decent in pass block, which is nice for a tackle, but less nice because we have no QB and therefore won't pass much.

LT Brad Bryant (JUCO)

Brad is basically Perry, but two years older. He's much better in the run game, so he'll work for a couple years before he moves on.


Also, because we had such a small class, we did get three walk on's who are passable:

ROLB Bobby Stewart

Bobby is pretty decent for a walk on. He'll definitely start for us this season and may start for many years to come. Not bad for a freebie.

MLB Brian Buckley

Buckley isn't very good, but he looks bad ass on the fields. He's got arm bands and the whole nine.

SS Sean McFadden
nutopia says no more uploads. He's 52 OVR, with 70 something speed. He's white

McFadden will start the year as our number two corner. That says more about the state of the program than him.

So, yeah, 11 new additions, ten which can play right away. All will start, and with a handful of okay talents, we might be somewhat competitive this season. Maybe...


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9/2 @ Northwestern
9/9 vs Buffalo
9/16 @ Kent State
9/23 vs UMass
10/7 @ Notre Dame
10/14 @ BYU
10/21 vs Army
10/28 @ Eastern Michigan
11/11 @ Miami U
11/18 vs Navy
11/25 vs Boston College

I didn't make this year nearly as grueling, in an effort to have a decent budget come the off-season. I even added the UMass game to give us hope at winning one. Buffalo, Kent State, Army, and Navy should all be somewhat close, by our standards.


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Haha, that thing was awesome for those three weeks we used it.

I may twitch stream the UMass game. I'll need to see if I have slowdowns though.


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LAWD that might've been the end for me. That was brutal. CPU throwing constantly up 60+ lolololol


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You didn't miss anything.

Although it's odd that it's not in my past broadcast. Not sure why that would be.


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I think I'm gon bring this back. Kinda over wasting my weekend playing FUT and want something different. What killed me last time was how bad we were - and playing with tough sliders, we're going to lose by 60+ for at least two years. That's no fun.

So I'm thinking I need to use a team already in D1A. Either take a shitty team and try and build them up, or a coaching journey trying to rise the ranks.

Gimme some ideas


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Why don't you join me in MTGO? I'm having a great time!

@ me in the thread and I'll play

New Mexico

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Weren't they like kind of good around this time? I think Rocky Long was the coach and they had some beast RB. I was thinking more like smelling smoke at San Jose.

Also, what are the odds someone has or knows where to find an '05 magazine? Freaking loved those preseason magazines back in the day and gave a ton of info on the team.


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I'm not sure I have an 05 magazine, but I remember New Mexico was on average pretty comparable to CSU through the early-mid aughts, so New Mexico must have been within a game or two of .500 most years. Probably like a lower tier bowl team on average (which is why they made their own bowl, lol)
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I think I'm gon bring this back. Kinda over wasting my weekend playing FUT and want something different. What killed me last time was how bad we were - and playing with tough sliders, we're going to lose by 60+ for at least two years. That's no fun.

So I'm thinking I need to use a team already in D1A. Either take a shitty team and try and build them up, or a coaching journey trying to rise the ranks.

Gimme some ideas
You could try playing clubs sometime if you can manage to stay up past 6:30