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2077 Season Thread


Local Kid Helps Thomas Rediscover Old Stroke
Sunday, November 14th, 2077
Dustin Thomas has always given back to his hometown community of Corpus Christi, Texas. That's why every offseason, he appears at a local baseball clinic to help young baseball players learn the game.

But this offseason, a student and fan became the teacher.

After Thomas showed 12-year-old Anthony Youngly the 'proper' batting stance and swing, Youngly responded by saying, "But that's not what you do!"

After the North Dakota Riggers catcher laughed him off, Youngly pulled out his phone and pulled up an old video of Thomas taking an at bat just a couple of years earlier during a game.

After watching a few more videos, the surprised Thomas sheepishly admitted that the kid was right.

"My approach has noticeably changed since I came up in the league a few years ago. My swing has become shorter and isn't nearly as natural," Thomas said.

When asked what he planned to do after spring started, the C was adamant.

"I want to get back to basics. It may have taken a local kid to pull me out of poor hitting mechanics but now I'll be working harder than ever to get back to where I once was. In the meantime, I'll be sending that kid a personal thank you and signing up to do a baseball clinic in Corpus Christi, Texas again next year," he said. "After all, who knows what I'll learn about myself."
I like to think that the baseball clinic he signed up to corch in Corpus Christi is dually run by TOGO and McBride, the two Texas LEGENDS.
I have no idea how, but the Sao Paulo and BA logos are back, but somehow ran through a jpeg machine like 3 times and are thus kinda compressed, lol. YANK E. CANE may have thought they were old fashioned, but young HANK is a huge fan of @Orlando's work!
Somebody walk me through how I set up the file and shit. Step by step like I have a brain injury, because I probably do.
Here is the link to the 19 .lg file. Just uncompress and put in the saved_games folder.

Download this. Go into your OOTP files (on windows, should be documents/ootp19/saved_games, put that .lg file in the saved_games folder. When you open the game itll be there in your saved games so just load it up, then sign into your user and check for a new file to download.
I simmed past the HoF results so they won't show up in ur inboxes, but I can screenshot if needed. Lorenzo Rodriguez the only entrant, Carcamo, Cartwright, and Gowing at 60% each.
I of course would never be so bold as to post offseason stuff before the Winter Meetings begin, but if I were to hypothetically leak the players I have to offer, this would be the list:

SP Quintin Jacobs, 26 (http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_9765.html) -- Worth 2 WAR the past two seasons on a terrible team, one year left on his deal at $6M
SP John 'Cash' Mitchell 30 (http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_3650.html) -- Captain, Worth 3 WAR. Probably not dealing him tbh, but go for it if you want.
DH Neil Binge 32 (http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_8713.html) -- DH only, 1 year deal at $10M, 3 WAR last year and 5 the year before. Good Rental.
CF Duane Wells 27 (http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com//game/lgreports/players/player_5489.html) -- Best CF in the league, 4 Gold Gloves in 4 years. Worth around 3.5 WAR on average, entering his prime. One year of arb left after this year.

Everyone's available but those are the only sorta valuable guys.