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2079 Season Thread


Will-Gnome Member
Still haven't had my owner updated. Also, if I'm shafted on draft picks, I've worked out I need 10m. I should have the budget to work this, just don't know if I will have the chance to allocate it.


Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
Today we have the next 2079 superlative


Did you know that it is possible to score a NEGATIVE RATING in OPS+? I DIDN'T UNTIL RESEARCHING THIS AWARD! This award is given to the most loathsome batter with a minimum of 100 plate appearances. This year's award winner is BRIAN JONES a loathsome creature of a catcher formerly of Lisbon, but it looks like @Schauwn already shitcanned him, so you can go sign him if you feel like winning next year! My favorite things about Brian are facts that he's also below average on defense and he's not loyal to the team! Only OTTO could love this player. -9 OPS+!


Runner up for the WRONG END WIZARD is Jim Lee, CF creature for Amsterdam. At least Jim can play some defense, has wheels on the bases, has a nice personality, and is popular in the clubhouse! He probably contributed at least a couple of Talisman WARS to offset his most loathsome bat.